Breadth of Experience

The seasoned investment professionals of DDJ Capital Management bring significant experience in the areas of portfolio management, research, legal analysis, trading and client service.

Portfolio Managers
DDJ's portfolio managers are responsible for portfolios consistent with the investment objectives and guidelines of our clients. Using our thorough research process, we structure portfolios that are diversified by issue, issuer and sector. Portfolio managers provide constant oversight of all investments as well as new opportunities to in an ongoing effort to optimize the value of our portfolios under management.

Research Analysts
Fundamental analysis is the cornerstone of DDJ's investment process. Our approach enables us to create a comprehensive analytical overview of companies by focusing on their current and future business prospects. Areas for evaluation include the company's senior management, industry fundamentals, market share, pricing power, operations, and historical and projected financial performance.

Each of our research analysts concentrates on select industries rather than product lines. As a result, our analysts evaluate a company’s entire capital structure in assessing possible investment opportunities for all of DDJ’s strategies based on the anticipated risk/reward profile. We believe that this approach strengthens our analysts' ability to identify investment opportunities and provides us with a competitive advantage.

Legal Professionals
Our in-house attorneys, who collaborate extensively with our analysts throughout the research process, provide DDJ with another key advantage relative to our competitors. Their ability to assess the various contractual rights associated with particular debt obligations and related arrangements enable our investment professionals to properly gauge the potential upside and downside of an investment.

Dedicated Traders
Our dedicated trading team executes trades across all portfolios under management. We pride ourselves on our cost-effective and discrete approach to trade execution.

Business Development and Client Service
DDJ employs an experienced team of business development and client service professionals. These professionals provide a focal point and act as the primary liaison between DDJ, our clients and other intermediaries.

DDJ employs a dedicated operations team that is responsible for the administration of client portfolios.