DDJ Capital Management, LLC is an institutional manager specializing in investments within the leveraged credit markets.

Since our inception in 1996, DDJ has generated attractive risk-adjusted returns for our clients by adhering to a value-oriented, bottom-up, fundamental investment philosophy. Our investment team has extensive experience investing in securities issued by non-investment grade companies within the lower tier of the credit markets, including high yield bonds, bank loans and other special situation investments. 

DDJ offers the following suite of investment strategies designed to meet each client’s specific goals. Through a rigorous research process, we strive to achieve each strategy’s stated investment objective. 

  • Opportunistic High Yield: To outperform the broader high yield market by primarily targeting middle market opportunities in the lower tier (single B and below) of the non-investment grade credit markets
  • Core High Yield: To outperform the BB/B rated segment of the high yield bond market by employing a deep value approach
  • Opportunistic Loan: To provide high current income primarily achieved through floating rate instruments, such as syndicated bank loans, with an emphasis on principal protection
  • Total Return Credit: To produce a high level of total return by targeting investments in all securities within the capital structure of leveraged middle market companies
  • DDJ Opportunistic High Yield Fund: The fund's objective is to seek overall return consisting of a high level of current income together with long term capital appreciation. Click here to access more information about this fund

DDJ, a Massachusetts-based independently owned investment manager, has been registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission since 1997.  From our founding to today, integrity, personalized client service, and a proven, consistent investment philosophy are the core principles guiding our firm.