About Us

At DDJ Capital Management, we strive to produce attractive long-term investment returns for our clients while minimizing downside risk.

Our diverse and loyal client base includes:

  • Corporate pension and public retirement plans
  • Endowments and foundations
  • Insurance companies
  • Mutual fund sponsors
  • Other domestic and foreign institutional clients

Since our founding in 1996, DDJ has focused on identifying investment opportunities in non-investment grade companies in the mid-cap arena. We believe that our disciplined investment philosophy and exhaustive research process help us deliver attractive, risk-adjusted rates of return throughout various market cycles. In addition, our investment professionals bring a substantial breadth of experience in portfolio management, research analysis, legal analysis and trading.

Our founder, David J. Breazzano, serves as DDJ’s president and chief investment officer. As a portfolio manager at Fidelity Investments, he specialized in investing in high yield debt, defaulted securities and turnaround situations. Mr. Breazzano’s philosophy with respect to investing in the lower tier of the high yield credit markets, serves as the foundation of DDJ’s investment process, which has been consistently applied since the firm's inception.