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At DDJ Capital Management, we strive to produce attractive long-term investment returns for our clients while minimizing downside risk.

Since our founding in 1996, DDJ has focused on identifying investment opportunities in non-investment grade companies in the mid-cap arena. We believe that our disciplined investment philosophy and exhaustive research process positions DDJ to deliver attractive, risk-adjusted rates of return throughout various market cycles. In addition, our investment professionals bring a substantial breadth of experience in portfolio management, research analysis, legal analysis and trading.

Our founder, David J. Breazzano, serves as DDJ’s president and chief investment officer. Mr. Breazzano has specialized in investing in high yield debt, defaulted securities and turnaround situations for more than 30 years, including prior to his time at DDJ, he served as a portfolio manager and analyst at Fidelity Investments, T. Rowe Price, and First Investors Asset Management. Mr. Breazzano’s philosophy with respect to investing in the lower tier of the high yield credit markets, which serves as the foundation of DDJ’s investment process, has been consistently applied since the firm’s inception.

our diverse
and loyal client base

  • Corporate pension and public retirement plans

  • Foundations

  • Non-profit charitable organizations

  • Sub-advisory relationships with mutual fund sponsors

  • Outsourced CIO

  • Other domestic and foreign institutional entities

representative clients

As a privately-owned boutique credit manager, DDJ has spent over 20 years solely focused on investments in below investment grade bonds and loans.  This purposeful approach has enabled DDJ to do what DDJ does best, namely, manage high yield portfolios. DDJ believes that its singular focus on the high yield market, together with its customized client service and communication, are key components to its successful long-term client retention rate.

We are proud to be stewards of our client’s assets and their beneficiaries.

  • Achmea Investment Management

    Achmea Investment Management

  • City of Boston Retirement System

    City of Boston Retirement System

  • Caterpillar, Inc

    Caterpillar, Inc

  • FedEx Corporation

    FedEx Corporation

  • Houston Municipal Employees Pension System

    Houston Municipal Employees Pension System

  • Illinois Student Assistance Commission

    Illinois Student Assistance Commission

  • MN


  • Principal Financial

    Principal Financial

Clients listed here were chosen as generally representative of the types of clients that comprise DDJ Capital Management’s institutional client base and that have given DDJ permission to disclose their name. Such clients were not chosen based on performance-based criteria.  The identification of the clients listed above does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of DDJ’s products or services by such client.