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September 07 2017

P & I Top Performing Managers - High-yield Strategies Continue their Rule over the Fixed-income Universe


July 31 2017

CIOs Perspective 2017 Half-Time Leveraged Credit Review and Outlook

May 09 2017

Is there a “Right Time” to Buy High Yield?

January 01 2017

CIO’s Perspective 2016 Leveraged Credit Review and 2017 Outlook

October 01 2016

Second Lien Loans

Past white paper topics include the following:

  • Subtraction by Addition: When More is Less ­ How the use of "add-backs" can undermine risk-adjusted returns
  • Covenant-Lite vs. Covenant-Heavy Loans: Passive vs. Active Asset Management Styles with Leveraged Loans
  • The Case for an Unconstrained Credit Portfolio

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